Life comes first, work comes second.

What I’m doing now (21/01/2019)

Making the smallest social interactions meaningful. It’s very easy to be just transactional. Pause, smile and connect with as many people as I can.

Attending the gym 4 times a week.  My work means I sit a lot, exercise and movement are essential for my wellbeing.

Working on my posture. My job means that posture is compromised, I’m currently addressing my Upper Cross Syndrome.

Travel. I like to get away every 1-2 months.  Usually short mid-week hostel breaks, time to experience discomfort of being in a foreign land, and enough time to be social with other travellers.  I like to map cities in my head.

Studying London history. I want to make my journeys as insightful as possible for all of my passengers and add real value to the ride/experience.

Writing. It’s important to put thoughts into words, even if it’s not coherent. Sometimes a thought process makes sense once it is written down, and vice versa.

Read. You can’t do the former without this. I like to gain insights and view points to better my life.

Slowing down. Enjoy the ride, not the craving for the end destination.

Work. I’m a licensed London taxi driver, I love what I do, I get to practice my extensive knowledge of the city every day.  It also forces me to be calm and stoical at times that would stress most people.