Move in to change.

This week, I am moving house. Okay I’m not talking; full house, wife, kids and pets kind of scenario.  To paint the picture I’m a single millennial, moving from my childhood home to a house share in the big smoke (London).

I particularly enjoy the moving process, whether it is packing for a week away or moving down the road, there’s plenty of opportunity to assess your living and question what is truly important to you.

Here are 3 things I love about moving.

  1. Mentally planning the process.  If you have an extra large suitcase, the temptation is to fill it to capacity.  Plan exactly what you wish to bring and why.  By preparing in this way I identified plenty of items that aren’t actually essential to my living, I can leave them out then see if I need to bring them back into my life.
  2. Examining who you currently are as a person.  Going through various items at home I’ve identified items that belong to a person I once was, we still hold onto them as ultimately we believe we still embody that persona.  It is a deeply personal area, in my circumstances, I’ve not routinely used a pack of playing cards for years, when do I lose my agency as a magician?
  3. Accepting that you will change as a person.  If you packed all of your current life into a box and unpacked it all at the other end, have you really moved?  By moving on in life you are growing, you might be expanding your family and therefore home, you may be relocating to better yourself and career.  Give yourself permission to not bring certain items, allow a void to promote change, you will naturally gravitate towards the person you want to be without older associations of identity bringing you back.

I believe that understanding your living requirements and future aims is good mental exercise.  Whatever our circumstances; a break-up, a graduation or just change of scenery. Everyone can benefit from severing the ties that you know in the aim of personal growth.