I would hate to win the lottery.

I would hate to win the lottery.

We all have our drives in life; expanding our business, striving for that next promotion or learning a new skill to make yourself more employable.

But for what?

So you can pay for an extension on the house, maybe travel a bit more, or perhaps just eat out more regularly?

It’s not actually achieving those goals that keep us motivated, it is the need grow and strive that keeps us going, it’s the reason why as soon as we reach one goal we instantly seek out the next one.

But, if you can achieve anything you want instantly, where is that room to strive?  And even beyond what your new found riches can buy you, where is the gratification in knowing that you’ve earned what you’ve just purchased?

What do material possessions and life experiences truly give you if you can obtain them without sacrifice or work?

What does a large sum of money give us?   Control? Freedom? Happiness?

But here is the distinction, the sum of money itself doesn’t grant us any of those things, and it doesn’t directly buy us any of those things.  It will supposedly enable us to buy those things as a by product.

What is control?  The ability to decide when and how you chose to work? To travel when and where you want?

Freedom? To live without time or location limitations?

Or happiness? The thing that is generated from those other newfound qualities of being rich?

Spin the terminology rich, instead of physical worth or valuation by currency.  I deem it as the control, freedom and ultimately happiness that we all can experience in life.

Limit your liabilities.  You will find more time, money and be “richer”.  Best of all as a byproduct you will be much happier.