If I wasn’t at work, I could be doing so much more with my life…

I could learn piano

I’d get into really good shape

I could write a book

No, you wouldn’t. Not directly from the new found time anyway.

I would argue, the freedom of time may create a blank canvas, but simultaneously removes any template or outline you could follow to achieve those goals.

As previously stated on this blog, I studied to be a London cabbie to open my possibilities to how much I really needed to work and what great breaking things I could cover in life.

And for the past few months, It’s been a struggle, I feel I haven’t achieved a great deal outside of work, does this job enable me to lead the best life within my given circumstances?

I know I still have to work but the flexibility of my job allows me to work short weeks, start early/late or just take weeks off where I fancy.

With this freedom, surely it should be so easy to find time to go to the gym, do the hobbies that matter most to you or socialise with family and friends? Well I’ve found that the presence of freedom is more restrictive due to the aformentioned absence of structure.

Take this as an example; you work Monday-Friday 9-5. You know that those hours are non interchangeable, therefore all other “non-work” activity happens clearly in those other hours. It gives you a strong structure to routine such activities. (At least this has worked well for me previously).

Trying to impose structure on a relatively flexible job I’ve found problematic. It’s comparable with going on holiday and trying to routine your days, it defies the idea and freedom of a holiday.

Instead I am beginning to self impose “rules”. Rather than; “I must be at the gym 9am, workout for 1 hour, go home write for 1 hour”. I am trying to adhere the habit that before I go to work, I have go to the gym. There’s no time deadline to it, merely a sequence for me to follow, a habit. I’m hoping as it is less time dependent and more of a binary, yes/no achievement it should be relatively easy to stick to.

I hope to build on this process, maximising my working, social and other freedoms, but without imposing deadlines or accountability that will instantly contradict the former.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts, if you didn’t have to work how would you spend your time? And what would give you the urgency to get it done?

Still growing.