Skinny Venti Latte

All you can eat buffets, Venti lattes, and 55” TV’s they all promote more.

It’s a status symbol, a challenge, getting the most of something we supposedly need.

“Yea I need to eat, lets not set a cap”

“Yea I need coffee, lets get as much of it in one serving as possible”

“Yea I need to watch some TV, lets cram the biggest in the space I have possible”

The badge of honour, my cup is bigger than your cup, oh your TV is only so big?

The point I’m trying to raise here is; when is enough too much?

I did a 3 month stint at Starbucks. Throughout my time I begrudged making a Venti Latte, it was not the process of doing so, it was understanding the buyers motivation that perplexed me, even more so when they ask for a Venti Skinny Latte (That’s 3 Shots of espresso, a whole lot of skimmed milk).

If you really want your coffee to be skinny, just buy a small?

But western society has educated us (who knows from where), that bigger is better.

As a Samsung sales rep I would have people demand 55”+ sized TV’s, when questioned on the size of their living room they either didn’t know or had inadequate space to accommodate the LED panel (not physically but aesthetically for viewing pleasure).

This is where the problem lies, there is nothing inherently wrong with going bigger, but it is when we lose the intention of the initial need that we have a problem.

My tip, don’t be afraid to downsize, accept the better fitting alternative. Would you buy all of your clothing 2 sizes bigger for the sake of getting more material? of course you wouldn’t, you buy what fits and suits your need best. Something that evidently some have lost with regards to buffets, coffee and TV’s.

By the way, my preference. Yes to all you can eat buffets but plate accordingly to how you feel, enjoy the food and allow ample time to process before getting more.

With coffee the maximum amount of milk is a flat white arguably the perfect milk/espresso ratio.

If I’m on the go it’s all about the turbo espresso; double espresso with bit of caramel syrup to take the edge off, perfect when I’m in the cab as it’s the smallest quantity of liquid you can get for a coffee.

TV’s, I don’t believe in investing so much in an object that doesn’t provide equal returns/pleasure. Not to mention the amount of space it takes up in your living room.